Monday, January 7, 2013

Movin' On Up Monday - Alzheimer's Advocacy

Do you remember the TV show The Jeffersons? It had some great characters with George, “Weesie” and the maid Florence. The whole idea of the show was that they were moving up in the world. Their dreams had come true.

Monday always gets a bad rap. Instead of seeing it as a time to jump in and get things done, we view it as a day that takes more coffee and more willpower than any other day of the week.

Today, the first Monday of 2013, instead of dreading the day, let’s think of it as the perfect opportunity to use our talents and skills to advance to a new level—to  step up and move on up.

I hope that “Move it on up Monday” is the day that Early Onset Alzheimer’s blog advances to second place in the Healthline contest. With the multitude of family and friends voting daily, I think it is doable!

By casting your vote every day, you are an Alzheimer’s advocate! Having an Alzheimer’s blog in the top 10 Best Health Blogs creates awareness. If the blog wins first place, your vote has helped fund my attendance at the annual Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum in Washington, DC. You are a VOICE for Alzheimer’s!
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