Thursday, January 21, 2016

Interview with Linda Fisher - Early Onset Alzheimer's Blog - Best Health Blog Contestant

1) What inspired you to start blogging?

My husband, Jim, developed dementia at 49 years old. After a series of tests, the doctor told us Jim had dementia of the Alzheimer's type. That was the beginning of our Alzheimer’s journey. We learned that nothing would slow down the progression of the disease and that it was 100% fatal. Jim died in 2005, ten years after the diagnosis.

Writing was part of my healing process after Jim passed away. Originally, I intended to write a memoir based on my tape-recorded journal, but opted to share my experiences through a blog instead. A blog is an ongoing interaction that breathes life into the stories and experiences of being a caregiver. My goals are to encourage, inspire, and inform. Early Onset Alzheimer’s blog reflects my desire to live life to the fullest and to find humor in everyday life.

2) What would you do with the money if you won?

I would use the money to help pay expenses to the Alzheimer's Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C. in April. I'm already registered for the 2016 Forum--my sixteenth consecutive trip to advocate for Alzheimer's research and programs to help care partners cope. Each year, I join hundreds of other advocates as we don our purple "beauty queen" sashes and storm Capitol Hill.

3) What has been your best blogging moment?

Since I began Early Onset Alzheimer’s blog in 2008, my best blogging moment(s) are when someone tells me they learned something helpful or found encouragement from one of my posts. I think my most thrilling moment was when the national Alzheimer's Association featured a story about Jim and me in their online newsletter with a link to my blog. That was the first time that more than 100 people visited my blog in one day. After I first entered Healthline’s contest  in 2012,  my blog has averaged more than  100 daily views and at times as many as 500 visitors in one day. This inspires me to keep on blogging.

Thank you, Healthline, for giving us bloggers this excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Note: Early Onset Alzheimer's blog won 2nd in Healthline's Best Health Blog Contest. 

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