Monday, April 2, 2018

April? You Could Have Fooled Me

Well, Mother Nature pulled quite an April Fools’ joke on us. Here we were all celebrating spring when the weather did a complete about face.

I wanted to wear a dress to Easter services and even tried to psych myself up for a pedicure in case I decided to wear my sandals. Instead, I wore my boots and my winter coat. Sunday dawned with below freezing temperatures with wind chills thrown in for good measure.

That’s what happens when Easter Sunday falls on April Fools Day. Ma Nature thinks she’s a jokester. Just to make a point, we had that good old thunder snow, wintery mixture falling all over the place during the afternoon.

For some reason, Sunday seemed so long that I kind of thought we’d moved right into Tuesday. As I pulled myself out of a sound sleep Monday morning, I couldn’t seem to lift my body out of bed. I propped myself up on pillows, glanced at my cell phone, and then  pulled the blanket up over me and thought about the month ahead.

April has always been the month of taxes, conferences, and enjoying the signs of nature’s rejuvenation. It is also a month that catches me off guard at one time or another. Today was that day. I lay in bed thinking about the memories I can’t let go.

April 5, 1970, was the day Jim came home from Vietnam. We celebrated his “homecoming” by making it a special day for him. I know one year we forgot our wedding anniversary, but we never forgot his homecoming. It was a happy day when he came back to the “world.” Happy days make sad memories. Homecoming day never passes that I don’t think of him.

April 18, 2005, he left the world for a better place. That didn’t make it any easier for the people who loved him. Just thinking about that day, makes my heart hurt.

If I’m going to make it through April without letting it get me down, I’m going to have to accentuate the positive. I know sunshine will eventually chase away the gloomy skies and cold weather. Mother Nature will get back on her meds and show us some sunshine, blue skies, and cotton-candy clouds. Of course, we might have a few random thunderstorms and tornadoes thrown in the mix for excitement.

It is springtime—time for daffodils, tulips, irises, and lilacs to bloom. The birds will be tweet-tweedle-tweeting every morning.

In the meantime, I’d really like to take the dog out without bundling up like it’s a cold January day. Hey, Mother Nature, I’m calling you out. This is April 2 and the weather is still miserable. I remember a rhyme from school when someone played a joke a day late. “April Fools is already past, and you’re the biggest fool at last!”  It’s not nice when Mother Nature acts like a fool.

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