Sunday, January 17, 2021

I’m for Love

Tuesday morning, I had a strange dream, which isn’t unusual for me. I dream a lot and while I forget many of them, some dreams nag me throughout the next day.


In my dream, I was working on a word search puzzle, and a man sitting nearby looked over my shoulder. “I see an important phrase,” he said. I asked where and he pointed it out.


I opened my eyes and looked at my cell phone to see if it was time to get my first cup of coffee. I forced my aching body out of my nice warm bed and went to the kitchen. I carried my first cup back to bed to relax before walking the dog and cooking breakfast.


While I was eating breakfast, I grabbed my pen to finish the word search I had started the day before. As soon as I looked at the puzzle, I realized the phrase the man in my dream had pointed out to me was “I’m for Love.” Well, it wasn’t in the puzzle in front of me, but I knew it was the title of an old country song. I couldn’t remember much about the song but the chorus.


After breakfast, I sat in front of my computer and thought I’d check out the lyrics and chords for the song. I typed in I’m and up popped “I’m for Love lyrics and chords.” Now if I’d said it aloud or had previously searched for the song, that wouldn’t have been quite so strange.


I picked up my ukulele, played the song, and sang it. Wow, those words were uncanny for these times.


A lot of people are for love, but sometimes it’s not easy. I always called an Alzheimer’s caregiver’s love “unconditional” love. I was used to having love reciprocated, but when Jim lived in the world of dementia, he didn’t show his love anymore except during rare moments of clarity.


Our marriage wasn’t perfect, but dementia made it more imperfect than I had ever imagined. No matter whether we argued (loud talked), worked through depression (his and mine), or struggled to pay the bills, the one constant in our marriage was love.


I’m for love. Without love, life seems kind of pointless. Love comes in many forms whether it is romantic love or love for family, friends, or God. It can even be unconditional love. Sure, when you put your heart out there, you open yourself up to a world of hurt, but more importantly, you can find the secret to the puzzle of life. It’s there in plain sight.


I played my ukulele and posted “I’m for Love” to Facebook. I thought with all the oddities that led me to that song, its message might resonate with someone that needed it. Oh, sure the part about being against cats in the house might have offended cat lovers. Truthfully, I shared my house with a cat for nine years.


I promised to tell in a blog post the story behind choosing that song to sing. As if I would forget, I opened up my blog folder to write this post, and discovered the lyrics and chords of “I’m for Love.” Huh? How did that get in the blog folder? I opened my song folder where it should have been saved, and sure enough, the song wasn’t there.


A simple cut and paste fixed the error. Now if I can just cut the negativity of today and paste it to yesterday where it belongs, I’ll have much more room for love and happiness.


Copyright © January 2021 by L.S. Fisher


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