Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Unexpected and Unexplained

I began an organized effort to clear my calendar several months ago, but I’m yet to reap the benefits of any hours gained. I had plans to spend some of that extra time working on Jim’s memoir and, of course, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s will be here before we know it!

I’ve been busy lately with updating a website for the change of officers in Sedalia Business Women. I also took photos at the installation and completed a photo book for the outgoing president. It seems I’ve barely had time to breathe for trying to get everything finished.

Our incoming president, Donna, was president year before last, but her husband became ill and passed away while she was serving her term. She missed a lot of meetings and felt like she had not had time to enjoy her time as president.

Usually, installation is pretty straight forward, but somehow the menu was mixed up. Instead of the chicken and veggies we were expecting, we had a buffet of hamburgers, potato salad, and basically, a picnic setup. After a talk with the chef, wait staff rushed around and added grilled chicken and vegetables. It was unexpected, but tasty just the same.

Other meetings were going on and the wait staff rushed past us with platters of great smelling food on their way to other rooms. We stepped out of their way and finally, the traffic slowed down. After our meal, installation of officers began with a candlelight ceremony.

As the officers stood there holding their candles, I stepped close to the buffet table to snap a few photos. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man standing beside me. I figured he was waiting patiently for me to take my photo, so I snapped a few shots and lowered my camera. I turned to give him the go-ahead, but to my surprise no one was there. So to the unexpected, we add the unexplained.

I found out many years ago, that not everything that happens in life can be explained, and that sometimes things happen that are downright creepy. My grandkids used to want me to tell them some of the stories of my experiences with the unexplained at bedtime, until my granddaughter would say, “Grandma Linda, you are creeping me out!”

Some of the unexplained isn’t creepy at all. Sometimes, it can be comforting, or a message. I’ve noticed these experiences happen during times of change. Shortly after Jim and I moved into our mobile home, Jim was working in the garden and I was planting flowers. While my back was turned, Jim saw his uncle that had passed away years before. Jim said it wasn’t a ghost—it was his uncle standing there beside him. His uncle said, “Jim, you need to sharpen your hoe.” Now, wouldn’t you think any message from the beyond would be profound? From the shocked look on Jim’s face, I knew he told the truth. When they worked in the fields together, Jim said his uncle often told him to sharpen his hoe. 

Some people believe they have a guardian angel to protect, guide, and comfort them in times of trouble, or in times of change. Whether we believe in angels watching over us, or just leave the unexplained, unexplained is an individual choice.

After the candlelight ceremony, Donna gave her acceptance speech and announced her theme, “Guardians of the Future.” She broke down when she talked about her husband and how everyone had rallied to keep the club going so that she could be with him.

As far as the man I saw at installation, I have an idea who he might have been and why he was there. I don’t think he was there for me, or for me to see. I don’t think he even intended to be seen; he was merely offering a comforting presence during a time of change.

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